Face Lift

I do the standard face lift like everyone else too. But what I am going to show you here is the one that I do in my office.

That is right, IN MY OFFICE. Completely AWAKE.

Well, at least I am. Patients can sleep if they want to. (Although, since I operate alone, if I miss company, I usually wake them up by 'accidentally' cutting them a little - where it may not be so numb after all.)

Just kidding. Patients are awake, some times they take a pill to relax, but they are definitely NOT given any sedatives by injection. That is not allowed by the almighty Florida state laws.

Here are some of my recent friends. I have started this limited version of face lift (so called 'mini-facelift') as of March 2006. There is nothing 'MINI' about it. Same surgical scars, about three hours of laying on a hard table and listening to me talk non stop. Except when YOU talk, I LISTEN.

Here is a happy bird (Kathy is her human name)

Here we go. Just make sure your firewall and pop-up blocker are made less aggressive, click the link, down load or open the attachment file and have fun. Please respect their privacy and delete the photos after you are done checking them out. Remember, the files are large due to several photographs per file and will take a long time to load if you don't have a high speed internet.

1       My Friend # 1

2       One More 55

3       Another happy 55

4       smiling 16...I mean 61   this file is 3.6 MB so let it load

5       and a 56 year 'guinea pig'

6       Kathy the bird

(by the way all my patients are my friends and they are all #1 too.)

More friends to be added when I feel like it.

Have a great day and call us at 386-756-9009.

Dr. M